3D heart


Things often make more sense when you can see them from every angle, peer into their insides, and observe the mechanisms that make them work. How does a heart pump blood? How do bones heal? How do molecules combine? We live in a three-dimensional world, after all.

Interactive app on Ipad


Lighthaus illuminates complex subjects by allowing you to participate in them. You become the agent of your own discovery by controlling and influencing what you’re seeing. It’s a new kind of digital learning by doing.

Three stories on Ipads

Digital Storytelling

The videogame industry has used interactive, digital art to conjure alien worlds, fantastic dreamscapes, and chaotic battlefields. Lighthaus takes these vivid storytelling tools and aims them at reality: the inside of the human body, great events in history, or the underground workings of an oil tanker. An interactive graphic can be worth a thousand pictures.

Woman running animation


Not all stories need a sophisticated, videogame-style graphic. Some concepts can be brought to life with short, sharp three-dimensional animations – a visualization that shows the physics of running, or follows a blood cell as it tumbles through an artery, or the electric storm of a neuron firing.